There is nothing better than pizza on the grill. It was, in fact, pizza, that was the first out of the norm thing I ever attempted to make on the grill that spurred my interest in wanting to grill in the early days of my grilling journey.

Everyone loves pizza and the perfect way to make pizza is with a fire, and the Green Mountain Grill pizza oven attachment is the easiest way to get wood fired pizza oven taste without having to build a pizza oven in your backyard.

到目前为止,我在烧烤的职业生涯中遇到了八大历史,这是非常令人惊讶的,因为我是乳糖不宽容的哈哈!But, there’s nothing as awesome as pizza off the grill so I’m happy to have been a grilled pizza evangelist from the beginning, starting with doing a Grilled Pizza clinic for the media when I was the Outdoor cooking Ambassador with Land O’ Lakes cheese, and then even going on the Today show to show people how to make pizzas on their grill with store bought dough! It’s like I was a pizza maker in my past life or something and I was destined to make pizza in this life!


But, you need to know a few things before you can successfully make pizza in your pizza oven. My version of instructions for my pizza oven insert (which was from last year) did not say anything about using the app. So I did not have success at first because I wasn’t using the app and learned this the hard way. Now I am saving you the frustration I had by giving the intel you need to be successful!


First, I recommend watching this video on how to get your pizza hooked up to your wifi network.

  1. Get your grill onto your Wi-Fi network/router- see video below.
  2. 既然你已经与你的家庭路由器/ Wi-Fi同步了你的烤架,运行固件更新,是时候将披萨放入比萨饼烤箱模式的时候了!看到下面的视频!
  3. Make sure your grill is on and synchronized with the app. Go to your settings and put the app into pizza oven mode. Put the pizza at 225 degrees. While most of the pizza attachment recipes on the Green Mountain Grill App say to heat the grill to 350, as I write this in December of 2020, word from my contact, who is one of the owners at Green Mountain grills, is to set the grill for the pizza oven at 225 degrees. The heat will be much hotter in the pizza oven attachment than 225 degrees it is set to.

If you plan on making pizza all the time, I HIGHLY recommend getting an红外温度计(affiliate link) that you can shoot into the pizza oven compartment to get an accurate reading, which should be well over 500 degrees inside.

现在您已经将技术方面达到了实际的烤架和披萨烤箱附件,您需要决定您在披萨上建造的内容 - 切菜板或披萨皮。如果你没有披萨皮,那么我很高兴你得到一个。

A pizza peel is essentially the launching pad for the pizza to go into the oven. When you buy the Pizza oven insert, you can also buy a披萨皮。If you don’t have a pizza peel, use a large cutting board.

现在,这是重要的部分 - 面粉面粉或披萨剥离,然后添加粉尘cornmeal在将面团(已经拉伸等)放到果皮或切割板之前。这将确保它会在不粘在披萨烤箱附件上时平稳地离开披萨皮,而不会粘在披萨烤箱附件。

现在,面团怎么样 - 我建议什么?从面团的角度来看,如果你准时缩短了最简单的选择(并且不是我们所有人?)是在杂货店购买预制作的披萨面团。我实际上找到了我沃尔玛的披萨面团,比我的杂货店的面团更好,去图!而且更便宜!


Another great option is to use城市切片机ugh kits。它们专门用于在绿色的山地烤架上制作披萨。甜!






Have you tried using the Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven insert? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!!